Explosions and Electrocutions

Worchester Explosion and Electrocution Injury Lawyers

Explosions and electrocutions are devastating events that can cause serious injuries and lifetime of suffering. Often, these are accidents that could have been prevented with proper safety precautions.

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Explosions and Electrocutions - Causes

Thousands of injuries are caused by explosions and electric shock every year. Often, victims are left with serious burn injuries to the body and face, scarring, brain injuries, other serious injuries, and even wrongful death.

At Heinlein Beeler Mingace & Heineman, P.C., we represent clients who have suffered injuries due to the following:

  • Natural gas explosions
  • Propane gas explosions
  • Industrial plant accidents
  • Refinery accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Electrical fires
  • Explosions caused by car or truck accidents

Explosion cases raise a number of particular legal issues. Our attorneys are equipped to handle the toughest of natural gas explosion cases, and understand the complex state and federal laws that govern these industries.

Providing Solid Representation to Injured Clients

An explosion or electric shock injury causes physical as well as emotional pain. Accordingly, our attorneys provide solid, compassionate legal support to injured clients and their families.

We frequently work with medical, vocational, and financial experts to assess the various components of an accident. By working with outside sources, we are able to craft a client's case based on facts and research.

Have you suffered a work injury due to an explosion or electric shock? We may be able to help you file a third-party liability claim aside from your workers' compensation case.

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