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Heinlein, Beeler, Mingace & Heineman, P.C. is Metrowest Boston’s premier civil litigation and criminal defense law firm. The firm was formed in 2015 by the merger of lawyers from Heinlein & Beeler, P.C. and Mingace & Heineman, P.C. Combined, the owners of HBMHlaw have more than 100 years of legal experience in various areas including personal injury litigation, criminal defense, divorce, family, probate, real estate and business matters.

Although our main office is located in Framingham, Middlesex County, the Boston personal injury lawyers at Heinlein, Beeler, Mingace & Heineman P.C. litigate cases in all counties throughout Massachusetts. Whether you reside in Suffolk, Norfolk, Plymouth, Barnstable, Worcester or other counties in Massachusetts, we are prepared to represent you and your family anywhere and in any courthouse throughout Massachusetts.

HBMHlaw is dedicated to providing thoughtful and responsive representation to all of our clients and their families over a broad range of legal issues. Within the civil legal system, our personal injury lawyers and staff handle serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, product liability claims, divorce cases, family disputes, probate issues and business disputes. Within the criminal justice system, our lawyers handle a wide variety of criminal defense cases throughout the district courts and superior courts in Massachusetts.

HBMHlaw is committed to finding the right outcome for your case or issue. Each client, each case and each issue is different. When you arrange a free consultation with HBMHlaw, our Boston personal injury attorneys will discuss with you the merits of your case, the potential risks and how we intend to address your dispute. Often, cases will involve the use of expert witnesses such as doctors, engineers, accident reconstruction experts, economists, toxicologists and other forensic experts. We will discuss whether we expect experts will be necessary for your case and your role in helping with the experts.

It is generally true that 95% of all civil disputes end with a settlement before trial. In an effort to maximize your recovery in a civil dispute, however, our personal injury attorneys prepare every case with the expectation that the case will go to trial. This lets our opponents and the insurance companies know that we are ready for trial if they are unwilling to offer you a settlement which best protects your interests. During the time that we represent you, we will let you know the status of your case and what you can expect for an outcome.

Most civil disputes involving personal injury are handled at HBMHlaw on a contingent fee basis which means that we do not get paid unless you agree to a settlement or if together we are successful at trial.

In criminal, divorce, family, probate and business matters, your issue is typically handled on an hourly or flat fee basis. There are some situations where our opponent will be responsible for our fees and we would be happy to discuss these possibilities with you.

In criminal matters, the lawyers at HBMHlaw understand the law, understand what your rights are and can advise you on whether you have been treated fairly within the criminal justice system. We are dedicated to representing you vigorously in court and we will work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We will discuss with you how the criminal process works and what you can expect once criminal charges are brought against you. The lawyers at HBMHlaw understand that criminal charges can cause a great deal of anxiety due to the uncertainly involved with criminal cases but we will provide you with advice based upon our decades of representing criminal defendants throughout Massachusetts.

Many of our clients are referred to our firm by attorney colleagues. Why do our colleagues feel comfortable referring potential clients to our firm?

  • We have a record of working well with referral attorneys and serving our clients.
  • We have the experience and resources available to properly litigate our cases.
  • We have a long history of successful results.

To schedule a free consultation with a Boston personal injury lawyer in our Framingham, Cambridge or Boston law offices, contact us at (508) 626-8500 to discuss your concerns.

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