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When a College or University's Negligence Leads to Unnecessary Accidents and Injuries

Colleges and universities are places where college students are given the opportunity to realize their fullest potential in a setting of academic rigor and community. Many college students, however, face very different situations than what is depicted on a brochure or campus tour.

At Heinlein Beeler Mingace & Heineman, P.C., we address issues of college negligence such as alcohol-related injuries, mental health concerns and safety issues. When a school is negligent in addressing known risks or ignoring signs and symptoms of depression, students are often put in danger.

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Addressing Mental Health Issues

College students face intense pressures to adjust to a life away from home making new friends, fitting in with groups on campus, staying away from pressure to abuse alcohol or use drugs while finding time to excel in coursework. Resident advisors, academic counselors, professors, deans, and other individuals are integral in your child's college experience. These individuals are caretakers in a sense, with the duty to spot signs of mental health issues such as the following:

  • Missing class
  • Poor grades
  • Withdrawing socially
  • Not eating
  • Other behaviors

Parents are no longer able to see their child every day, and it is easy for a child to say everything is fine when communicating via the phone or e-mail. College administrators need to address the signs and symptoms of depression. In a worst case scenario, this depression can lead to drug use, alcohol-related injuries, and even student suicide.

Addressing Negligent Security

Dormitories and on-campus apartments need to take adequate security measures. When adequate security systems are not in place, students can be injured through attacks, violence, sexual assault, and rape. College negligence regarding the safety and security of a student should not be overlooked.

Charitable Immunity

In Massachusetts, most non-profit organizations are subject to charitable immunity, which caps non-profit liability at $20,000 in damages for most accidents that occur on their premises. Despite this cap, however, there are other options available to individuals affected by an accident or injury caused on a college campus. Contact our lawyers for more information.

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